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WariHash is a US-based market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hashing power.

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Streamlining the market for hashrate.

We built WariHash because we saw a need for a more secure, transparent, and easy way to match buyers and sellers of hashing power.

Powerful Matching Engine

Get paired with the best available rate based on your requirements.

Maximize Revenue

With Hash Router, miners can mine their default mining pool until a more profitable contract is filled.


Full auditability and accountability for both buyers and sellers.

WariHash is the fastest and easiest way to securely buy hashing power.


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Create your free WariHash account.


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Choose how much hashing power you need and for how long.


Choose Your Mining Pool

Point hashing power to your mining pool of choice via Stratum.


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Finalize your on-demand order. Our non-custodial invoices are powered by BTCPay Server.

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