Fee Free Orders Activating on WariHash

To thank our current early users for using WariHash, we will be activating the “fee free orders” for all users who have signed up for WariHash Alpha. The fee free orders will provide a fixed 2% discount on every automated order. The discount will apply automatically when you purchased from our automated BTC markets for all mining algorithms.

New users will also continue to receive 100 fee free orders up until the end of February 2020, so make sure to sign up now!

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New Feature: Select Miners by Region

Miners can now be purchased by regions on WariHash.

Currently, we have miners separated into three regions:

  • North America West (San Francisco)
  • North America East (New York)
  • EU West (Amsterdam)

If you are purchasing hashing power, make sure your stratum server is in the same region, or close to the miner’s region. This will allow us to serve buyers in a more cost effective manner.

Testers Wanted for New WariHash Features

We are looking for users to test out new WariHash features that we’ll be rolling out to the public soon. Firstly, if you are interested in buying hashing power with your local currency, get in touch with us at support@warihash.com with what fiat currency you’d like to use, how much hashing power you’d like to purchase, and for how long. We will be testing out a manual fiat payment system with selected users. Secondly, we will be rolling out a sell side system for miners interested in selling hashing power. If you are interesting in testing this system out, get in touch with us at support@warihash.com and let us know how much hashing power you’d like to make available to sell.

Referral Program Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our referral program. Each WariHash user will be provided with their own personal referral link which can be used to refer others to our service. Your referral link can be found in your profile as shown below:

Our referral program is simple, users will receive 15% of the WariHash transaction fee from all orders completed by qualified users you refer. Please note that during the alpha, we do not charge transaction fees, so no revenue will be generated for now. We anticipate to charge transaction fees during the beta which is due to launch in early 2020. For the exact terms, please check it out here .

Ethash Added to WariHash

Ethash has been added to WariHash! Ethash (also known as Dagger-Hashimoto), is used to mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Metaverse. You can buy Ethash hashing power now through alpha.warihash.com. Please note that due to varying Ethereum Stratum implementations, not all pools may be supported. In particular we currently do not support any pools that strictly uses EthereumStratum 1.0.0 / 2.0.0. Our system is known to work with f2pool.com, ethermine.org, sparkpool.com, and nanopool.org.