This Week in Mining: February 17th

A few updates this week in the world of mining:
  1. Developers of Bitcoin Cash ABC have announced their intention to move forward with implementing the latest version of the plan in the upcoming 0.21.0 release. There are several differences with this version from the initial announcement, including a reduced percentage of the block reward and activation mechanism. There also appears to be a competing fork of the upcoming 0.21.0 upgrade that removes the coinbase reward code . We will continue to monitor this story.
  2. Coindesk reports that MicroBT, a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware, has eroded incumbent Bitmain’s market share in 2019 by selling over half a million units. As we approach the halvening and hashrate continues to be added at an accelerating pace, we will no doubt see competition in the hardware space heat up even further.
  3. Crypto researcher Hasu dissects the common arguments warning against the dangers of mining centralization. Not only does he conclude that mining concentration is inevitable, he also makes the argument that it is harmless.