This Week in Mining: February 3rd

A few updates this week in the world of mining:

  1. Bitcoin SV (BSV) conducted a hardfork which resulted in a non-trivial number of nodes remaining on an incompatible version. This caused a brief chain split that appears to have been resolved as of this writing.

  2. Researcher Hasu describes a new form of 51% attack called the “Purge” attack in which an attacker with sufficient hashing power replaces a number of the most recent blocks with empty blocks, sending previously confirmed transactions back into the mempool.

    This could create a scenario in which ill-prepared merchants and transaction recipients, who may have considered payments sufficiently finalized, have to deal with potential double-spends as these transactions are effectively reverted to zero-conf status.

    As with all of these novel attack scenarios, they are still theoretical, but it is interesting and important to understand these potential attack vectors.

  3. The Handshake cryptocurrency has launched. Handshake aims to be a decentralized naming and certificate authority and is GPU mineable.