This Week in Mining: March 16th

We hope that everyone is staying safe and staying home during the corona virus outbreak. If you have some GPU’s , you can help researchers fight the virus with the Folding@Home team. Not much news so we’ll leave you with some good reading materials on mining that came out this week.
  1. Bitcoin’s hashrate dropped by roughly 20% following the price downturn and predictable virus-related interruptions. It’s still early to see whether this will stabilize, but miners seem resilient even in the face of a near 40% drop in price.
  2. Blockware solution with a research on mining impact on pricing and the incoming halvening. They present a very in-depth analysis that tackles many of the common themes and misconceptions surrounding the topic of mining as it relates to Bitcoin’s price.
  3. Ark Invest, a NYC based investment firm, released a white paper detailing their analysis of Bitcoin mining and its role in this era of geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility. According to them, the white paper “aims to illustrate how Bitcoin’s innovation lies in its ability to coordinate trust and facilitate the transfer of value without relying on a centralized authority.”