This Week in Mining: March 2nd

This week saw lots of updates in the world of mining.
  1. Bitcoin’s hashrate continues to reach all-time-highs in spite of Coronavirus-related disruptions across the world. The current high over the last week is estimated to be around 117.5 Exahashes/sec. COO of F2pool Charles Chao Yu believes we will see a further increase in hashing power as we approach the halvening.
  2. Canaan announced their latest SHA256 miner, the Avalon 1066 Pro, which is rated for 55 TH/sec at 60 J/TH.
  3. In an AMA, the creator or the BCH dev fund (IFP), Jiang Zhuoer, will vote “no” against the BCH ABC dev fund fork due to its contentious nature and opposition from key BCH players like Roger Ver. He will also use his personal hashrate to vote against the IFP.
  4. Luxor Mining’s team sat down with MinerUpdate to give their perspective on a range of topics from ASICs to altcoins. It’s a fascinating interview and highly recommended for anyone in this space.
  5. Bloomberg reports on a New York based power plant that set up bitcoin mining operations to take advantage of excess capacity on off-peak hours. As a power plant, they believe they are well positioned to be profitable even after the halving.