This Week in Mining: May 4th

The Bitcoin halving is coming soon. Are you guys ready?
  1. The Bitcoin halving is expected to occur at the end of 11 May 2020 UTC time. There will be a number of online events celebrating the halving, including a few in VR, that you can check out:
  2. Bitmain confirmed that some batches of its S17+ Bitcoin ASIC units are defective and that they are working on a solution to replace them. Some customers are reporting a 30% failure rate after 1 month of usage.
  3. Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance released a Bitcoin Mining Map showing the geography of miners connected to, Poolin, and ViaBTC. 65% of miners are reported to be in China, with US, Russia, and Khazakstan reporting shares of 6-7% each.
  4. Equihash (for ZCash) has been added to the Warihash market.